Location: Isfahan , Iran
Area : 8000 m²
Design date :2022
Status: Design

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The process of approaching to this project is based on questioning and answering in two streams of context and content. Context is the place where the project happens and content is what is going on in the project.

Main context is “Tehran” a city which for us as outsider architects is in one way a place of density and disorder; form and social impetuosity and in another way is a remembrance of an era when the modernist language could improve daily life quality and with brutal and simple buildings could bring simplicity to the city. Now the question arises: Does selecting the design language come from the past be an answer for this disorder and density?

Based on this fact this project is trying to bring dignity and simplicity to the flashy exterior. To deal with the immediate area attention to the park –maybe the most important part of neighborhood- plays an important role in the formation of project. A space as an external factor has the most interaction with the project. Thus depending on this maximum relation and also answering city’s criteria, the project organization is the way in which the building can have a better interaction with the park and afterwards with the city.

To deal with the content, planning is trying to present an architecture out of today’s residential paradigm in Iran and its sick emphasis on presenting bipolarity of public- private spaces in a house which is more dynamic in relations and has different spatial proportions.

Also by using all the spatial potency bolds the essential qualities for a human daily life in solitude or social fabric, in a way to bring the grey sky of Tehran to each unit and in the upper levels opens a wide view towards the city and Alborz mountains in such a way to be a calmer space in Tehran’s today impetuosity.