Qaeli’s Guest House

Location: Isfahan , Iran
Area : 220 m²
Design date :2015
Project year: 2016
Status: Built

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Guest: Imagine a feast or a party in a small house of an Isfahanian family. A small house, humble with a courtyard opened to the sky where the family is enjoying their time and is waiting impatiently for the travelers to come, whom are called “guests”.  Everything’s pretty ready and everyone’s busy for the new comers! Guests are highly praised in the family, they call them “the God’s beloved” who would stay with us and would participate in a party blessed with their presence. There, from food to drinks and the effort of the host dancing and whirling are all just for the comfort and peace of the guests. The guests are the temporary members of the family, the togetherness is the creator of the mutual experience of “BEING”. Our isfahanian family consider hospitality a good virtue because their happiness lies beneath their guests’ happiness. House: Our first visit to the place left us a depress image of a ruin not a house! The house is located in a historical context with a door beneath a “sabath” and a window overlooking the neighborhood. The Qaeli family had bought the land to rebuild it as a new home for the future generation and also a place to welcome their guests! Due to the adjacent neighbor’s decision (not to demolish their historical homes) and the municipality and health and safety regulations building a new home was impossible. Though the house wasn’t that old (belong to the aristocrats with glorious architecture); it owned precious spaces with no ornamentations which showed the matter that it belonged to a lower part of the society. In order to regain its simple glory and the essence of life which are the main poles of an Iranian house, it needed a generous attention and care! Since the progression of the country both in political, socio-economical aspects, the tourism industry had a huge turn and Iran has attracted so many tourists! As a result the idea was suggested to renovate the old house and make it a place not only to serve the family but also to be a guesthouse for the others. With respect to the market’s demand and the benefits these spaces are accompanied with; the Qaeli family accepted the deal and they joined the socio-cultural move in saving these spaces and they have played their role for providing a better future both for the people and the house. -“to be house again!” Guesthouse:   The house is consist of two parts in east and west connected with a courtyard in between. The two story west wing was in a better situation and the interesting matter are the doors connecting the rooms, by opening a door you can sum up two rooms in order to be occupied with a larger group! With all the good architectural geometry and spatial quality; it lacked a gathering space for guests. There were a number of interferences in recent years which were not appropriate such as: The kitchen was dark and dull situated at the back. But the highlight was the roof which has been destroyed through time, thus; we kept it the way which provides an open space, now the room in the middle became the intended gathering space with a close kitchen to serve and the kitchen has an access to an open space. The east wing has a flat roof with the potential to sleep during the cool nights which had been neglected by the previous residents! Now with a connection bridge between the two wings in continuation of the stairs it provides another yard on top and a shaded space open to ground floor courtyard with a whole new spatial quality. There are two small rooms in the upper level which by allocating one to be a kitchen it will serve the guests up on the roof. Now the house is ready to be occupied, everything from the entrance hall to the fountain in the courtyard, the smells and the shapes have brought a unique sense of life to the old house.