Niki & nahal villa

Location: Isfahan , Iran
Area : 400 m²
Design date :2020
Status: Design


Today in many of the small apartment boxes that have filled our cities there’s no chance for a better understanding of life. Houses have declined to a shelter just to serve initial needs like eating, drinking, embracing and looking at the virtual world by the means in our hands. In these boxes there is no chance for creating new experiences in individual and collective lives. And also, the accumulation, chaos and haste of our cities, daily bombards us with a large volume of events and steals a large part of our peace.

Therefore, for the users of this project, like many Iranians, creating a space on the outskirts of the city to be on weekends is a response to the above conditions.
In 2019, this family, following the conditions that the world experienced in the face of the corona virus, decided to build a house in a natural setting with a larger share of the yard and green and open space, where, on the last days of the week and maybe always, by moving away from the city, they provide an opportunity to hang out and interact with their children and friends. Also, to provide an environment where Niki and Nahal, their beloved grandchildren, have the possibility to gain new experiences in connection with a natural environment and to be away from the boredom of city life and living in apartment boxes.
Therefore, Niki and Nahal Villa, like many Iranian gardens, is located in the center of the garden, so that it can have a maximum connection with the green space around it from all four sides. This project is an exercise for us, relying on the 3×3 structure (which is the basic pattern of all Iranian mansions), with the difference that it tries to achieve a new combination of spatial organization by changing the full and empty structure in this pattern; in such a way as to provide a new experience for the users of this space in the cold and hot days of the year. When Niki and Nahal’s grandparents spend their days alone in this space, or like many days, this family’s table is extended for many of their friends.