Monarjonban cultural commercial complex

Location: Isfahan , Iran
Area : 15000 m²
Design date :2018
Status: Design

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Nowadays, commercial complexes play an important role as urban public centers in addition to their economic function, citizens often go to these spaces not only to buy necessities, but to spend part of their free time. Therefore, creating such centers, especially in cities with high density, is a suitable solution for creating urban spaces, spaces that can provide a place for creating social interactions and increasing face-to-face encounters with the presence of multiple urban subcultures. Of course, this can be understood in the past architecture of this country. Bazaars are not just commercial spaces, but they have created social spaces as multi-functional complexes, with maximum connection with other parts of the city and neighborhood.
in this project the attempt has been made by analyzing and redefining Bazaar concept, to create a commercial complex not in a form of a mall or an enclosed store but as a part of public space serving people to increase the quality of social life of users alongside its commercial role.