Majmar Court Yard House

Location: Isfahan , Iran
Area : 570 m²
Design date :2012
Project year: 2016
Status: Built

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A new style of architecture has transformed the face of the cities following the social, cultural and economic changes in recent decades and has created new specie. This new specie which has been derived  from architecture and urban design law and regulations has exposed an eccentric architecture whom it’s all intention is to show off in the urban context and it lacks spatial qualities and it is been tried to fill this lack with materials and ridiculous attention to ornamentations and details. But in the past in desert regions, houses were built with a different view than the above.  The house was so simple with no show off from the outside and in the urban texture and all of the architect’s attention was focused on the inside. And there are number of precious houses which one cannot imagine what is going on inside from outside of it. Court was placed as the heart of the house as an organizing element and it engineered the light and relations; simultaneously, with presence of water and greenery it created natural scenery for the interior spaces. But today, court is just a pre entrance for the house and vehicles parking. Client’s demand in this project was a house to shelter two generations with two viewpoints alongside one another. Project’s land with area of 370m² in a residential fabric (formed about 100 years ago). Land is about 40*9 m situated north-south it is limited from north, east and west and with respect to the regulations (60%) it can only get light from south side of the land. According to the length of the land the received light is not enough for the spaces placed on north side so providing light as a qualifying element, as a main challenge was introduced in this project. To overcome this matter, part of the whole volume was omitted from the middle section and a 7*5m court was placed in one third end of the land. To:
Organize light and provide natural light for all the inside spaces.

  1. Organize relations and hierarchies in order to separate private section (bedrooms) from public sections.
  2. Provide more privacy and better views from the huge and ugly residential complex which has been built in front of the project.

The presented project is an outcome of a process which has tried to get to know the context; and find a multi aspect response with both fulfilling the potentials and user’s demand and urban regulations to create a pure spatial quality in a house. In this path, the designer has tried to get a better knowledge towards the subject with respect to the old architecture of this land not only from the form and shape but from the analysis and mastering the meanings.