Kian boutique hotel

Location: Isfahan , Iran
Area : 1900 m²
Design date :2021
Status: Design

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The narrative of this project is the story of encountering three historic houses behind the Abbasi Grand Mosque of Isfahan, houses belonging to the ShariatMadar family, belonging to the Qajar era, two of which are still standing today with changes and destroyed parts, and one of these Three houses have been destroyed for years and a garden with green trees has filled their place.
Our approach towards this project was to renovate and restore the existing historical parts. But the main question was about the third house which is destroyed completely. So are we supposed to build the same thing based on the documents we got? In this matter what will happen to the trees?
Responding to this issue was saving the tress. Creating new spaces were needed based on project planning and they were situated among the trees without the need of omitting them. Designing this part with a different language but in relation with other parts and the mass of greenery existed can result to a very unique space in southern part.
The project has several access points which makes public functions like gallery, restaurants, business center, etc. independent and away from the residency to avoid any disturbance.