Khishood boutique hotel

Location: Qeshm, Iran
Area : 460 m²
Design date :2022
Status: Design

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Qeshm, the largest southern island of Iran, with its amazing nature, has become one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Iran in recent years. Due to this issue and the wide acceptance of tourists from local and rural areas, many residential houses have been established all over the island.

Khishood residence complex, which takes its name from one of the local names that refers to Windcatcher, tries to provide its audience with a different experience in the heart of Qeshm Soheili village. By examining different types of hotels and accommodation complexes, we found that all the spaces on the island are of two types:

The first type includes hotels and apartment complexes, (similar to what can be found anywhere in the world today) that provides a room with a set of swimming pool and sauna facilities, TV and Wi-Fi to its audience.

The second type includes collections that try to represent the life in these houses to their audience by restoring and renovating rural houses or by building similar buildings.

In this approach, the spaces are organized around a central courtyard, of course, this central and collective courtyard is a good opportunity to hang out and talk with people from all over the world, but at the same time, the problem here is that according to the placement of various functions And the presence of people with different cultures and spirits to what extent is it possible to use a common yard?

Therefore, the spatial organization and strategy of our approach to this project is such that the formation of the complex is based on the multiplication of cells based on an organic structure, so that instead of a large courtyard in the center, we are faced with a set of smaller courtyards that create a hierarchy of variety of different spaces to its audience, this possibility makes it possible for each guest to have a private courtyard and veranda in addition to the room they have, in addition to the courtyard, porch and communal living room that are available to everyone. . According to Khishood’s story, it is a small example of a village, where everyone owns a house in the corner of it.