International affairs department

Location: Isfahan , Iran
Area : 1300 m²
Design date :2020
Status: Design

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Isfahan University of technology as one of the most important universities in the city and country looked for a space in order to place its international department to improve the relationship of their professors and students with others around the globe. And also introduce their achievements since 1960s. And be the host of ministers and ambassadors who come to this place with a monumental face according to the university’s identity and personality. 
The land for the implementation of this plan was considered at the corner of the first intersection after passing the entrance gate of the university, so that this building becomes the first building that every person encounters after entering the university. Another important feature of this location was the proximity to a collection of trees of many years, which could lead to an increase in the internal quality of the building as an unmatched opportunity.
The design strategy is such that this building, from the south and west, is exposed to the audience, according to its function, with a minimal language, presents a serious and dignified personality and becomes an icon upon entering the university. But from the east side, facing the green area and its old trees, it turns from a coherent whole into a fragmented structure in order to establish the greatest connection and embrace with the surrounding trees.
Going into the essence of the architecture of the past, with a contemporary approach, it achieved a suitable and worthy space for the presence of today’s man.