House on the water

Location: Isfahan , Iran
Area : 200 m²
Design date :2021
Status: Design

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An Iranian garden is a collection consisting of portal, mansion, water, and tree. These four main elements have always experienced different types of coexistence during the architectural history of this land, sometimes they are organized in a linear fashion and sometimes the mansion is placed in the center, water surrounds it, and in any case, this juxtaposition of elements has created various manifestations of the Iranian garden.
In this experience, relying on the rules and regulations of the Agricultural Organization, the owners only have the right to build an area of 6 x 12 meters for any construction. Therefore, it is not possible to place water and building together because it requires more area, so the house on the water seeks to create a new narrative of how to settle, in a way that does not deviate from the limits of rules and regulations, but can be in a garden in suburb of Isfahan, it provided a space that would allow the presence of life for its residence.

Therefore, the pool, which, on one hand, serves as a storage source, has the task of storing water for the trees in the garden, and on the other hand, is a possibility for swimming in the hot days of Isfahan, is placed at the ground level, and the house is placed on it. This matter, in addition to relying on the presence of trees, provides a favorable view of the interior of the house on the upper level, a unique atmosphere is created from the proximity of water and building on the ground level.

Also, the internal spatial organization is such that it can respond to the needs of users at different times, and at the same time, it is not divided by definite and predetermined functions. Rather, it is possible to provide a possibility to easily experience different combinations of spatial organization inside this house.