Haghpanah Elementry School

Location: Isfahan , Iran
Area : 1700 m²
Design date :2010
Project year: 2012
Status: Built

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Process of design:

The design started with client’s two demands:

    1.Since on the location there was an old school which had students, they wanted to start construction without any interference with the existing school as far as it possible.

  1. The common decision was to build a 12-class school which that whoud have occupied 1700 m2 of 3000 m2 of land(56%) . As the lot has a long side next to street(150 m ) it was challenging to put the volumes on site. The function of the building was a challenge on its own: 

In one hand , it is for 6-12 years old children , who experience school as their first space  to interact with society and in other hand , it is facing the city and every passerby will experience it.
Order of the function is based on to have the office area and the multi puepose hall connected to the city . Movement order is in a way to create hierarchy  in child’s path from class to street and it avoids any complications. Space order is on a mission to create a space comprehensible for children and a land mark for citizens.