Zahedi School

Location: Isfahan , Iran
Area : 1075 m²
Design date :2022
Status: Design

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School, as the first space that a child experiences after home in interacting with society, plays an important role in the social development of their personality. In this regard, the role of architecture and educational spaces, alongside other factors, in the structure of education is of great importance. The time a child spends at school is divided into two main parts: class time or workshops, and break time which involves playing, interacting with others, and engaging in childlike behaviors. Perhaps this part of a child’s presence at school has a more prominent role in their social development and creativity. It could be said that during the coronavirus era, no institution has undergone as much change as schools. In many countries around the world during this period, a different type of education was experienced where the physical structure of schools did not play a prominent role. This seriously indicates that in the future world, perhaps more than any other structure, the concept of education and the structure of schools will change, and direct education through other means such as virtual education will become possible. However, what is more important than ever is the experience of being present at school as part of the urban space and the experience of interacting with others. Therefore, we believe that school architecture should be redesigned with a new structure so that open and interactive spaces can provide a pleasant and creative experience, as well as serve as an effective space in the local environment during many hours and days when direct education is not taking place. In this regard, efforts are being made to challenge the pattern of schools from a hundred years ago to today with a critical approach, perhaps leading to a new structure in educational architecture.