Charsu residential complex

Location: Isfahan , Iran
Area :4500 m²
Design date :2021
Status: Design

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Charsu residential complex is a project located in Lorsanur, Ramsar, on a land that overlooks the forests of the Alborz Mountains from the south and the Caspian Sea from the north. Today, this area, like other natural areas in the north of the country, is under many constructions, these apartments have two types of audience.One is part of local residents, who are looking for a change in their living place and tend to live in apartments rather than their houses with yards. Another part is the people from the central regions of Iran, such as Isfahan and Yazd, who have been looking for a place to live, even part-time, in a place where environmental crises do not threaten their lives.

The problem here is that what has been produced based on the needs of these two sectors during these years has not been answered at all, the formation of the project structure has nothing to do with the concepts that have made the history of the architecture of northern Iran over the years, and today it cannot be a contemporary answer. Whether for local people or for those who migrate. Also, in relation to what is formed in the inner space, a repetition of the same thing that is happening in other cities of Iran. Boxes without identity that only provide the basic functions of the house.

This practice project relies on a simple proliferation of a 3.5*3.5*3.5 m cell in order to create different types of residential units in such a way to profit more from the light and view from surrounding environment. Also with respect to the mass and void structure, light and shadow using a simple language creates an architectural spatial quality.