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USE Studio (urban, space, event) was established in 2013 by Mina Moeineddini and Mohammad Arab in city of Isfahan. This studio, which has continued its activity in the field of architecture and the city until today, has always tried to understand the conditions that define the context and content of the projects, with a fundamental view and a strategic approach, in the face of various types of this field. Therefore, in dealing with many projects, what is important is not only the visible text (physical) or the function presented (initial plan) by the employer, but analyzes and examines the hidden layers of the context, communication and dialectics of the human with the designed space. How does architecture, over time, affect the states and behavior of contemporary man and his daily life, or what effects does architecture as a cell of the context have on it over time. USE Studio, during the past period, has tried to deal with types like single family housing, residential complex, schools, working spaces, multi-purpose spaces and restoration projects, with a critical look at the today’s architecture, with an empiricist approach, and relying on a process-oriented approach, to discuss the above issues, so that maybe along this path, it will gain a close understanding of the concept of “contemporary”.